Version Upgrade

kenaflow is constantly being further developed. We have 1000 ideas that we want to implement. From time to time we will publish new major versions, which represent a milestone in the further development.

But there will be not only this kind of further development. Of course, we are constantly working on improving the quality of the software. This includes bug fixes and new feature details.

And something else... kenaflow uses a number of third-party libraries. Perhaps the most important is the "SharePoint PnP PowerShell" module. The PowerShell library developed by the Community & Microsoft is integrated into kenaflow. These and other libraries are also adapted and changed over time. With new versions of kenaflow we integrate new versions of these libraries.

An overview of the third-party libraries used by kenaflow can be found in the section Open Source Licenses.

All these points give reason for changes. We try to keep these changes transparent for our users, but we don't always succeed.

For example, the SharePoint PnP PowerShell development team replaced the Execute-PnpQuery cmdlet with Invoke-PnpQuery in version 2.24.1803. As a result, all scripts are no longer compatible with the new version. (Although there is an "alias" here to keep Execute-PnPQuery working.) If the updated library is transferred to kenaflow, the workflows scripts will also need to be modified, e.g. to replace discontinued cmdlets.

In this section, we're gathering information to simplify the upgrade.

Please monitor the change log of "SharePoint PnP PowerShell" at

Upgrade Paths