Config List

The "Workflow Config" list is a SharePoint list in which configuration values for a workflow can be stored.

The list consists of simple key-value pairs.

Workflows can share a "Workflow Config" list.

There are command line commands for kenaflow.exe to create, hide and display the "Workflow Config"-list.

See also the program switches

The config values from the workflow configuration file _wfconfig.ps1 are written to the SharePoint list when using --createconfiglist. You can add more values to _wfconfig.ps1 and write them to SharePoint using --createconfiglist again. But already existing values in SharePoint are not overwritten! You could remove them from SharePoint to allow --createconfiglist to write the updated values to the SharePoint list.

You can use --backupconfiglist to export the current config values from the SharePoint list.