Data List

The "Workflow Data" list is a SharePoint list where workflow scripts can persist data for later use.

For example, the Set-KFData and Get-KFData cmdlets can be used to read and write data relative to the current list item. (Applies only to List Workflows and State Machine Workflows).

There are further cmdlets: Set-KFItemData and Get-KFItemData.

This data is stored in SharePoint in serialized form.

It will be serialized in two formats:

  1. PowerShell-Serializing (XML)
  2. JSON-Serializing

When reading the data with Get-KFData, only the PowerShell serialization is read.

JSON serialization may be used to use the workflow data in Web applications, where the Workflow Data List is queried using the SharePoint REST API.

Several Workflows can share a workflow data list.

There are commands for kenaflow.exe, to create, hide and display the "Workflow Data" list.

Therefore look up the program switches