kenaflow --rer [--workflow <path-or-folder>] [--notbe] [--noignore] [--slot <slot-id>] [--onlywf <list-of-workflows>] [--currentdirectory <folder>]


The switch --rer start kenaflow in the "global remote event receiver" mode.

This mode creates a process with an a couple of http endpoints for all types of http based remote events.

One endpoint is registered with SharePoint to receive SharePoint remove events.

Another enpoint can be used start a PowerShell workflow or SharePoint "site workflow" remotely by sending data to them.

Please read article Remote Event.

Each kenaflow instance can only have one "global remote event receiver" process!

The process stores the received events in the queue folder as encrypted files. This folder can be configured using key "rerQueueDir" in the Global Configuration Section "RER".

The http endpoints can be secured by using SSL. See command line switch --confighttp.