kenaflow --run [--norestart] [--onlywf <list-of-workflows>] [--norersp2013] [--norersp2016] [--norersp2019] [--norerspo] [--norerposh] [--norer] `
               [--noignore] [--notbe] [--currentdirectory <folder>] [--workflowroot <folder>]


This is the switch to run kenaflow in "main mode" to execute all workflows in the workflow root folder.

Please read about the Details.

With --onlywf you can select workflows from the workflow root foldert that should execute. If this option is used than all workflows not specified here will be ignored. (Disalbed workflows are also ignored.) Multiple workflows are separated by *.

With --noignore you can force kenaflow to execute a workflow that is disabled (Enabled = $false in its _wfconfig.ps1).

With --notbe you can force kenaflow to execute a workflow that would not run in "main mode" (--run) also when it next runtime is not come.

--notbe and --noignore should be used together with --onlywf to prevent running ALL workflow.

The following switches starting with --norer... disable certain remote event runner processes. Please read these articles for details:

When specifying --norer the "global remote event receiver" is not startet.

With --currentdirectory <folder> the working directory of the process can be set.

With --workflowroot <folder> you set the workflow root folder. This overwrites the Global Configuration setting in Section "AfterSetup" for the current execution.


This will execute wokflows "WF1" and "WF2" in the workflow root. All other are ignored.

kenaflow --run --onlywf "c:\workflows\wf1*c:\workflows\wf2"