kenaflow.exe --backupconfiglist <output-file-path> [--workflow <path-or-folder>] [--currentdirectory <folder>] [--web <web-url>]


If the current workflow has a config list than you are able to export its current values to a PowerShell file. This file you can (manually) copy into the _wfconfig.ps1 file to keep it up-to-date.

The config list is intended to be used by "process owners" - not only workflow developers. Therefore "process owner" (that for example could change an email templatE) are not able to write the change to the _wfconfig.ps1 file. With this command the workflow developer is able to simply store a copy of the current values of the config list in the workflow folder.

In case of SharePoint workflows that are connected to multiple webs you can specify --web <web-url> to specify the web that only should be processed.


kenaflow.exe --backupconfiglist "current-values-$([DateTime]::Now.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd-HH-mm-ss")).ps1" --currentdirectory "C:\Workflows\WF1"

This will export the current values of the config list of workflow "WF1" to a file with a name starting with "current-values-"...