kenaflow.exe --createconfiglist [--workflow <path-or-folder>] [--currentdirectory <folder>] [--web <web-url>]


With this switch you can create the config list for a workflow as long as the workflow has configured a config list by name in the _wfconfig.ps1 file.

If you run kenaflow.exe --createconfiglist from within a workflow folder you do not need to specify --workflow <path-or-folder>. From any other working directory you need to specify --workflow <path-or-folder> with eigther a path to a _wfconfig.ps1 file or a folder to a workflow folder (that contains a _wfconfig.ps1 file).

With --currentdirectory the working directory of the process can be set.

When running this switch the values from the _wfconfig.ps1 file are written into the config list. If this list already exists it will be updated: NEW values from _wfconfig.ps1 are written to the config list. But existing keys are never touched!

In case of SharePoint workflows that are connected to multiple webs you can specify --web <web-url> to specify the web that only should be processed. Otherwise all connected webs are processed!

This switch can be combined in a single execution of kenaflow.exe all switches in section "Related Switches" below.