Copy workflows

Do not always start from scratch, but start with a copy of a matching workflow.

When copying an existing workflow, be careful not to copy the entire workflow directory below the workflow root, otherwise kenaflow will directly scour the copied folder, recognize the workflow configuration file, and read it. In this case, the IDs of the original and the copied workflow will be identical. This results in only one of the workflows being executed - maybe the copied one.

If necessary, copy the workflow to another directory outside the workflow root, configure the necessary attributes there and then copy the workflow back to the workflow root directory.

We have prepared a program mode in kenaflow to support you in copying a workflow. This will automatically set the new workflow to be disabled (Enabled = $false) and sets a new workflow ID.


Here we copy the workflow in folder c:\temp\workflowroot\my_new_workflow to folder c:\temp\workflowroot\my_workflow_copy using this command:

kenaflow.exe --copy --dest ..\my_workflow_copy

copy workflow