Installer Command Line

The kenaflow installer is located in the program folder, e.g. C:\Program Files\kenaflow


The installer has the following switches:

For setup:

  • --i
  • --d <folder>
  • --noeditconfig
  • --configfile <config-file-path>

For update:

  • --d <folder>
  • --u
  • --installupdates
  • --force
  • --kill


The setup process is decribed here: Setup.

Install Updates

From within the kenaflow program folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\kenaflow) you can run this command to update kenaflow to the newest version:

kenaflow.install.exe -u

This will check the current version on the internet with the currently installed version. If you version is the same than the installer will stop.

You can force a re-install like this:

kenaflow.install.exe -u --force

The setup file (a ZIP file) will be downloaded from the internet url

x-y means the major and minor version number of kenaflow, e.g. 3-0.

In case your machine has no internet access or you want to download it yourself, than un-zip the setup file, open an elevated prompt in the folder where you extracted the files.

Than run:

kenaflow.install.exe --installupdates -d <install-folder>

... where -d <install-folder> is folder of your current installation.

Also here you can use --force to re-install the same version as your current one.

Update Automation

It is possible to automate and schedule the kenaflow update.

Therefore you can create (manually) a Windows scheduled task for program kenaflow.exe with argument -u.

In such a scenario you have to ensure that no user or program is blocking files from the kenaflow program folder.

We added the program switch --kill to allow kenaflow installer to terminate blocking applications without warning.