kenaflow should be updated regularly.

Notifications about new versions of kenaflow are available on the website: https://kenaflow.com.

In the following sections, we will show you,

  1. how to update kenaflow online, on a computer with an existing internet connection,
  2. or how to update kenaflow offline, on a computer without an existing internet connection,
  3. which typical solutions we can provide for known update problems and
  4. what hints about the update process we want you to take along.

During the installation command line switch --configfile <file> can be used to install a prepared configuration file.

You can specify switch --noeditconfig to suppress the final call of the editor for the configuration file.

When updating, you can specify -u and -d <directory> to be able to specify the target directory for an offline update.

If an update is attempted with the same program version, the update will fail. If the same version is to be installed again, --force can be used.

If --nongen is used, the final generation of the "Native Images" is not performed. This is a task that should improve the performance of the engine.

Before the update a copy of the file kenaflow.config is backuped. This is named after the old version and with an additional number, so that unique file names are always created, e.g. kenaflow.conf.

During the update, all files are deleted from the kenaflow program directory, with the exception of