We would like to give you the following information and background information for the update.

Before the update, the update program creates a file ".update-pending" in the program folder so that all running kenaflow processes are informed and stopped.

kenaflow will not start automatically after the update, if not scheduled as a "Scheduled Task" or Windows service. This depends on your system configuration. Please read article "Automatic Execution".

During the update, the global configuration file kenaflow.conf is saved as kenaflow.conf.<Old-program-version>.<X>.bak

The existing settings of this file are transferred to the updated version of the kenaflow.conf file. Any newly added settings will be left as default. After updating, check the kenaflow.conf file by running the kenaflow.exe --editconfig command.

During the update, all files in the program folder are deleted.


Please note that you are not allowed to save your own files in the program folder of kenaflow!