Online update

To update kenaflow you have to start a command line (cmd.exe) with elevated privileges ("as administrator ").

Do not start the setup from a PowerShell command line because the installer will search for running powershell.exe processes.

Close the following programs that interact with kenaflow:

Also, make sure that no other user who was or is logged on to the kenaflow computer is currently running these processes. You can check this via PowerShell or via the Windows Task Manager.

Now execute the following steps:

  1. Change to the program directory of kenaflow, e.g. C:\Program Files\kenaflow

  2. Start kenaflow.install.exe -u

  3. The update process starts. This can take a while. Before binaries can be installed the updated kenaflow instance need to shutdown. This happens automatically.

  4. After setup kenaflow will not start automatically by itself. But if you configured Automatic Execution it will (re)start as configured.

Please read the artice Typical Solutions.