Overview kenaflow 4.0

kenaflow is a workflow engine for SharePoint, Email and PowerShell.

The PDF can be downloaded here for the most resent version:


Or a version specific PDF:


The permanent document location for kenaflow 4.0 is: https://doc.kenaflow.com/v4-0

The permanent document location for kenaflow 3.0 is: https://doc.kenaflow.com/v3-0

All workflows are written in PowerShell. Also the configuration of each workflow is a PowerShell script.

Please read the article The Basics for details.

We have also prepared an article about the background of workflows and their meaning for the ongoing "digitalization" process: Workflows and Digitalization

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The following articles will give you an overview about kenaflow:

This documentation is written and maintained by the creator of kenaflow, Ingo Karstein, with support from Markus Hottenrott of uniforx.

Ingo is a SharePoint Consultant and Developer based in Leipzig, Germany. He is in the business since 2000, self employed in 2011, became Microsoft Certified Master: SharePoint 2010 in 2012 and Microsoft Certified Solutions Master: SharePoint (Charter) in 2013, and founded kenaro in October 2015.