-ItemId <id> 
  -Data <hashtable>
  [-Validation <hashtable>] 
  [-ValidUntil <datetime>] 
  [-SimulatedUserName <username> (the current user)] 
  [-SimulatedUserPassword <password> ("123")]


>= kenaflow 2.0.46


An object of type kenaflow.EventDataSimResult:

public class EventDataSimResult
	public RemoteEventSource EventSource { get; set; }

	public object EventData { get; set; }

	public int OutputFormat { get; set; } = 0;

RemoteEventSource will have the value Link for this cmdlet.


This cmdlet is used to simulate a link remote event to be able to debug workflow scripts in the event execution context.

Please read Debugging and Remote Event for details!

The cmdlet can only be used in a script block that is specified for parameter -EventData of cmdlet Invoke-Kenaflow.

The return object of this cmdlet is used by Invoke-Kenaflow to configure the runtime environment for kenaflow to execute the remote event.


-ItemId <id>

The id of the SharePoint item the simulared link remote event belongs to.

-Data <hashtable>

The field values to be set if the link remote event is considered to be valid.

[-Validation <hashtable>]

The given object contains field values that MUST ALL match the specified item's current field values to consider the remote event to be valid.

[-ValidUntil <datetime>]

If specified the link remote event is only valid until this point in time.


This can be used to simulate a not successful authenticated request. It is passed to the script as part of the $eventData object.


Currently link events can be anonymous (not authenticated) or authenticated with NTLM. We're working on it to support basic authentication.


This is a default parameter for all kenaflow cmdlets. If set to $true (default!) the engine will pass exception within the cmdlet to the script for further handling.

Currently not used (we are working on "Basic Authentication" for link remote events): [-SimulatedUserName <username> (the current user)]

This is used to simulate an authenticated request. It is passed to the script as part of the $eventData object. It is only used in case of 'Basic' authentication.

[-SimulatedUserPassword <password> ("123")]

This is the simulated password for the authentication. Default is "123".


Import-Module "C:\Program Files\kenaflow\kenaflow.runtime.dll";

Invoke-Kenaflow -EventData {
		Invoke-KFLinkEventSimulation `
			-ItemId 1 -Data @{Title="kenaflow is cool!"} `
			-Validation @{AControlField="7f53e8e3"} `
			-SimulatedUserName "sharepoint\ingo" `
			-SimulatedPassword "kr@ftwerk" `
			-Data @{Title = "kenaflow is cool!"}