[-Checkin] <checkin-type>
  [-Comment] <comment>


>= kenaflow 1.0.0




This cmdlet is used to set the final checkin operation after kenaflow finished processing of the current list item.

This cmdlet is only available in SharePoint list and state machine workflows.

The specified -Checkin is only used for list items or files if the list or library has a setting "force checkout". In this case the list item or file is checked out before processing. Of cause is has to be checked in at the end of processing.

With this cmdlet you can set the checkin options: Should a major version be published or a minor version? What is the comment for the checkin?

You can use the cmdlet multiple times in the workflow script, but only the last set values are used.

If it is not used at all a "minor" version is checked in with no comment.


[-Checkin] <checkin-type>

The checkin type. Valid values:

  • Major : checkin as major version
  • Minor : checkin as minor version
  • None : same as Minor

[-Comment] <comment>

The checkin comment.


This is a default parameter for all kenaflow cmdlets. If set to $true (default!) the engine will pass exception within the cmdlet to the script for further handling.


Set-KFFinalCheckin Major "published by kenaflow!"