Automatic Execution

kenaflow is not a Windows service.

kenaflow does not start independently, e.g. not when Windows starts.

There are several ways to start kenaflow automatically. We prefer to use the "Windows Task Scheduler" that is part of the operating system.

kenaflow provides the program switch --installschedtask --account <service-account> --password <password> to create a start task for the kenaflow instance in the Task Scheduler. (Details here: --installschedtask.)

The specified account is used to execute kenaflow. The password is required to register the task to run in the background without manual logon.

By default this account will also be used to access SharePoint if a SharePoint related workflow has no own configuration for credentials!

Another option is to register kenaflow as a Windows service. Therefore, the kenaflow program folder contains the program nssm (see