Online Activation

To use kenaflow it has to be activated. To do so you have already assigned a serial code and read and accepted the license agreement.

kenaflow offers both automatic online activation and manual offline activation. The Offline activation is described in this article.

Execute the Online Activation with the following command:

kenaflow.exe --activate <e-mail-address>

As <e-mail-address>, use the email address specified when purchasing the license. This email address is linked to the serial code.

Pay attention to upper and lower case.

Note that the computer requires internet access for Online Activation. You must be able to open the page via your browser.

If you can do this, kenaflow most likely can also access the licensing interface, unless other settings on the local or corporate network prevent this.

If necessary, you can customize the kenaflow.exe.config file to configure the proxy settings.

Find the following section in the file kenaflow.exe.config:

      <defaultProxy enabled="true" useDefaultCredentials="true">
         <proxy proxyaddress="http://myproxyserver:8080" bypassonlocal="True"/>

This area is commented out. Remove <!-- and -->. Adjust the settings to your circumstances.

Proceed with article "Service Account".

Multiple Instances of kenaflow

The activation is only done for one instance of kenaflow per server! If you have multiple instances on one server and kenaflow was already activated on the server there is no need to do it again.