Service Account

Running kenaflow requires a user account - a "functional user" or "service account".

The account on the executing computer needs to have normal user rights. Most likely it will be a account with only membership in Active folder group "Domain Users".

It is recommended to use an AD user account whose password does not expire.

However, it is not mandatory to use an AD account.

The account used must have list, read and execute permissions on the program folder of the kenaflow instance (for example, C:\Program Files\kenaflow).

The account used must have read, create, list, delete and write access on the data folder of the kenaflow instance (for example C:\ProgramData\kenaflow\instance_8a040c56-4343-4f7a-9713-9aa56b1dcc21).

To set the required permissions please use program mode --securing.


kenaflow.exe --securing --acount "svc.kenaflow"

The service account should be used to start the executable file kenaflow.exe. In the context of the service account, the program code is executed.

Proceed with Automatic Execution.