PowerShell Workflow Configuration

The workflow settings described in this section belong to PowerShell Workflows.

RER = $false;

Specified whether the Workflow needs "Remote Event Receiver" to execute the workflow scripts immediately after a change in SharePoint.

#MaximumRerLifetime = 120;

Specifies how long a Remote Event is valid before it is skipped forever (if not processed). Default: configuration in global config.

There is default: 120s.

PostponeFailedRer = 5;

Specifies how long a a remote event is postponed in case of errors during processing.

By default the setting from global configuration is used. There it has a default of 5 seconds.

SaveRerEventsAfterProcessing = $false;

It is possible to save processed remote event files. Normally they are deleted.

Saving can be enabled in the global configuration but must be also enabled for each workflow itself by setting this property to $true.

Default: $false