Information on basic functions of kenaflow can be found on the subpages of this section.

Information about the kenaflow template engine for placeholder replacement.

kenaflow own query language as replacement for CAML for use in SharePoint list and state machine workflows.

Information about workflow debugging.

Using PowerShell libraries in kenaflow workflows.

What are workflow lists and what types are there.

Locking of SharePoint list items and custom locks for inter-workflow synchronization.

Generating "rich links" to enable users to communicate easily with workflows by links (URLs).

kenaflow methods to prevent ever-running workflows.

Information about necessary steps for kenaflow version upgrades.

Information about SharePoint permission handling.

Information about the various types of remote events.

Describs error handling methods for kenaflow workflows.

Information about methods to persist data from kenaflow workflows.

kenaflow workflows can trigger other workflows and communicate with them.

kenaflow stored some data in the "kenaflow field" of SharePoint list items in SharePoint list and state machine workflows.

Details about what to do to harden the kenaflow instance.