Version Upgrade

kenaflow is constantly being further developed. When executing updates with the command kenaflow.install -u, however, only updates within the same version, e.g. from version 4.0.01 to 4.0.02.

Currently we see no reason for using "minor version updates" such as 4.1.x.

If a new major version of kenaflow is released - e.g. 5.0.x - it is necessary to perform additional steps before updating. This has the background that we can only guarantee 100% compatibility of the workflows with the new version, of kenaflow within the same version. This is due in particular to the fact that we use external components, some of which change. With each new major version we update these components.

An example: In the SharePoint PnP PowerShell module used by kenaflow, there was an Execute-PnPQuery cmdlet. This was renamed to Invoke-PnPQuery by the developers of the framework. In the version of kenaflow 1.0.x we are still using a version of the SharePoint PnP PowerShell module that contains the old name Execute-PnPQuery. Beginning with version 2.0.x of kenaflow uses a newer version of the framework, which uses the cmdlet called Invoke-PnPQuery.

We recommend that you install the new version in a separate folder on the kenaflow server so that you can make such changes and similar adjustments for each workflow. Different versions of kenaflow can be run side by side. See Architecture.

The Version property must be adjusted in the workflow configuration. It must correspond to the kenaflow version.

Workflows can be moved from the workflow root folder of the old version to the workflow root folder of the new kenaflow version. There, the Version property in the _wfconfig.ps1 workflow configuration must be updated manually by the workflow developer.

However, if you want to update an existing installation, carry out the following steps:

  1. Edit the global configuration with kenaflow.exe --editconfig.
  2. Find the "Branch" property in the editor.
  3. Replace Release-2-0 with Release-3-0.
  4. Save the file and close the editor.
  5. Perform an update: kenaflow.install -u.

Then the existing installation was replaced by the new version.