Getting Started

Workflows in kenaflow consist of a series of files, each stored in a workflow folder. (Below this folder are no files belonging to another workflow.)

The workflow files you work with are all stored as readable PowerShell script files in text format.

The workflow directory contains at least:

Because the files are stored as text, they can be easily managed with a version control system. We recommend GIT as the version control system for kenaflow workflows.

Each workflow consists, as described, of files in a workflow folder. The workflow folders are in a directory, which is here referred to as the "Workflow Root" directory. (The name of the directory on the hard disk can be chosen as desired.)

Such a folder structure can look like this:


Here (1) is the workflow root directory. (2) is the directory of the "Dokumentenfreigabe" ("Document Sharing") workflow.

The directories named _wfdata (3) contain files written by kenaflow during workflow execution. These files should not be changed directly. By own changes kenaflow could not work as expected. However, a loss of this directory is not critical. It will be rebuilt if necessary.

In the example shown you can see a total of 5 workflows. You can define any number of workflows in the "Standard" edition of kenaflow. The only limiting factor is the performance of the computer on which you run kenaflow.

You can also use other directory levels, such as:


It is only important that no other workflows are stored under a workflow directory. The files in the workflow directory define the workflow.

The most important file is the workflow configuration file _wfconfig.ps1.

This file contains the description of the workflow, e.g. the type of workflow, the name, the ID, the workflow steps (for State Machine workflow) and many other parameters.

A description of all parameters of the workflow configuration file can be found here:

The workflow directory also contains the workflow scripts that are executed by kenaflow.

Here is an example of the files in a workflow directory:


  1. is the workflow configuration file _wfconfig.ps1
  2. is a kenaflow created .gitignore-file that tells the GIT version control system to ignore the files in the subfolder _wfdata.
  3. is a "Pre-Query" script that executes before the list items are queried when the workflow is executed.
  4. are several workflow step scripts whose file name starts with S_ followed by the step key. More about that later.

To create a new workflow with kenaflow you can either start with a copy of an existing workflow or with an empty workflow.

Workflow types

You can create a new workflow using kenaflow.exe.

kenaflow currently has three templates for new workflows:

  • List Workflow
  • Site Workflow
  • State Machine Workflow

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