Workflow Types

The following sections introduce the types of workflows that can be created and run by kenaflow.

They are:

  1. State Machine Workflows:

Workflows of this type are distinguished by the fact that SharePoint list items have a state that is managed by the workflow and tells the workflow what "to do next" with the list item.

  1. List Workflows:

List workflows have only one workflow script that will be applied to all SharePoint list items queried by the workflow, e.g. SharePoint list items that have changed since the last run of the workflow can be selected.

  1. Site Workflows:

Site workflows are a type of workflow that is independent of a list item.

  1. Email Workflows:

An e-mail workflow processes the e-mails in a mailbox and executes the workflow script for each e-mail found.

  1. PowerShell Workflows:

PowerShell workflows are regularly executed PowerShell scripts, but their special feature is that they can also be executed via remote event. This means that data is sent to the workflow to be executed.