kenaflow.exe --createpermissionsets [--forcesitecollection] [--workflow <path-or-folder>] [--currentdirectory <folder>] [--web <web-url>]


With this switch you can use kenaflow to create SharePoint permission sets in the SharePoint site that is connected to the workflow.

If you run kenaflow.exe --createpermissionsets from within a workflow folder you do not need to specify --workflow <path-or-folder>. From any other working directory you need to specify --workflow <path-or-folder> with eigther a path to a _wfconfig.ps1 file or a folder to a workflow folder (that contains a _wfconfig.ps1 file).

If your workflow is connected to a sub site of a site collection than it is not possible with the SharePoint "Client Side Object Model" to create the permission sets in the sub site. You have to create them at site collection level. To do this use the additional switch --forcesitecollection.

With --currentdirectory the working directory of the process can be set.

In case of SharePoint workflows that are connected to multiple webs you can specify --web <web-url> to specify the web that only should be processed.

This switch can be combined in a single execution of kenaflow.exe all switches in section "Related Switches" below.