kenaflow.exe --changeconfigsetting --name <name> --value <value>


This command changes settings in the global configuration file.

<name> is the name of the config setting to be changed.

<value> is the new value for the setting.

If the setting is already known to kenaflow - already included in kenaflow.conf - the <value> is parsed to match the data type of the setting. E.g. System.Boolean. If the <value> cannot be parsed an error is shown. No changes are made then.

If the setting is unknown a new entry is created in kenaflow.conf in section new. The data type of such a new setting is always System.String.

After a change was made the active instance of kenaflow, including all subprocesses, recognizes the change to the global configuration file and terminates and restarts the processes. This ensures that the changes to the global configuration file are taken into account.

This command line switch must be run "as administrator" (high priviledges).