Site Workflows


In your company, you enable employees to share SharePoint data with other people in the company. This also means that nobody knows exactly which person has access where. - On a project page, you therefore implement a kenaflow site workflow that resets permission inheritence every night on all SharePoint lists on the Web each list item with individual permissions.

Getting Started Knowledge

Workflows of this type are executed without reference to a specific SharePoint list but with a connection to a SharePoint web site.

This also makes it impossible to apply the workflow script to individual list items. Rather, the "Site" workflow script is executed regularly - according to the workflow configuration.

Because the site workflow is not directly linked to a SharePoint list and its items, the workflow developer must realize the access to SharePoint data itself.

The site workflow is ideal for batch processing at some point in time, here's an example.

During workflow execution, the site workflow script is called with the following parameters:

  • the workflow configuration
  • the current SharePoint Web
  • a list of the workflow configuration data stored in SharePoint