Offline Activation

As part of the offline activation, you must now determine the "Activation Code" of the computer. To do this, execute the following command:

kenaflow.exe --getactivationcode

This step is only necessary for a single instance of kenaflow on a computer because the activation code for this computer is the same for every instance of kenaflow.


You can activate your kenaflow license at with your activation code, serial code and the e-mail address you provided when you purchased.


There you have to enter the e-mail address, serial code and activation code.


Insofar as your license has not yet been activated on another computer (without deactivation) and the serial code has been recognized, you will be offered the license file for download.


Copy this license file to the kenaflow computer and run the command:

kenaflow.exe --activate=<license-file>

Enter the full path to the license file, which can also be in the kenaflow directory.


Then execute the following command for each kenaflow instance in the respective program directory (for example C:\Program Files\kenaflow):


Your license has been reviewed and you see the licensing information.

The license file can then be deleted or backed up.

If you activate again via the portal for an already activated computer, you will receive the same license file again.

If you re-run activation via the portal after a previous deactivation for the same computer, you will receive a new license file.

This step is only necessary for a single kenaflow instance on a computer!