Incompatible Software

The following software is incompatible with kenaflow.

SharePoint PnP PowerShell

On a computer running kenaflow, do not use the PowerShell module for SharePoint from the "Patterns and Practices" framework.

This module can be found here:

This module is integrated into kenaflow and is loaded dynamically at runtime. There are several versions of the module, each for one of the SharePoint versions 2013, 2016, 2019 and Online. - kenaflow loads the correct version, but from its own location. An installed version in the operating system will cause kenaflow not to work.

However, to take advantage of the capabilities of the PnP PowerShell modules, we have developed a PowerShell cmdlet that you can use to load the kenaflow version of the modules.

Start-KFSharePointModule -SharePointVersion sp2013

Internet Information Server (IIS)

The Windows web server "IIS" itself is in principle compatible with kenaflow but you need to configure it not to interfer with the kenaflow registered http endpoints for remote events.